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Sweep Surface

A cross section  will be swept around the drive rail to create the sweep surface. The cross section needs to be an open shape in order for this to work.

As follow fig: Arc is the cross section curve , Rect is the driver rail curve.


Overlap Ratio: The ratio of the width of bootom blade to the width of the previous toolpath.

The value is smaller, in most situations this will improve the finish quality but  also potentially increase the machining time.

Corner Type: when the driver rail has sharp corners. this item is valid.

   Round Corner.       Sharp corner


Link:link the neighbor toolpath so that the tool can move continually。


1.Pick the driver rail curve.

2.Pick the cross section curve.

3.Click OK button to create the toolpath.


1.if pick the selected  curves again, it refer to reverse the direction of the curve

2.The arrows and green square on the cross section indicate the direction and the start point. The start point of the cross section will be attached to the start point of the drive rail.

3. On a closed drive rail, the cross section curve will always be “hung” on the outside of the rail, it is not possible to change this to the inside. Reversing the closed drive rail curve, will change the direction that the toolpath is created in.