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Object Locating and Scaling

the function can accurately position the location and set the size of object.

Select the objects, you canset its size and position

DX         Width of the object

DY         Height of the object

         X coordinate

        Y coordinate

  Proportion Scaling

        Base Point

            The angle of  object with x axis.

Step distance: Move the object by arrow keys.

Step angle: Anti-clockwise rotation by pressing “Ctrl + ←” key;  clockwise rotation by pressing “Ctrl + →” key.

Especially, Ucancam supports built-in mathematical operation in float field of all dialog.

Eg: you want to scale the object non-uniformly. You can key in width( 100*2 ) ,height ( 100*3 ), then pressing Enter, the object size will be changed to 200*300.

If the selection contain 3D objects:in 3D view,you can pick the different the selection box plane to switch  the selection handle  on XY, XZ, YZ plane, realize to move, scale, rotate in XY, XZ, YZ plane.