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Rotary Axis


       Menu【Toolpath > Rotary Axis…】

      1. select model,align the rotary axis of model with X axis, and align the left side center of mode with origin point(0,0,0)。

      2.select the menu 【Toolpath > Rotary Axis…】

      3.Set the parameters, click OK button



       Stock:it is a gray cylinder,modify the follow data, change the size of stock. 

       1.X range:

         X Start: default  is minimum x of model.

         X End:default  is maximum x of model. 

      2.Angle range: the angle around x axis. Z axis direction is 0 degree , -Y axis direction is 90 degree,-Z axis direction is 180 degree,Y axis is 270 degree。 

         Start angle:-360—360。 

         Angle Range:-360—360。

      3.Radius,the cylinder radius,it is applied in rough mill (Layer mill)。default is maximum radius of model. Mill Parameter :

        1.Mill depth:from the top suface to x axis。

        2.Rate(%):Tool overlap Rate.

        3.Clearance:you can set surface remain which is the shortest distance between the original surface and surface after carving. 

        4.Method:Rotary Along Line And Rotary around X axis。

         Rotary Along Line                                


 Rotary around X axis                                        




       5.Layer(Layer depth):Layer mill,it is rough mill for model.