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Import a file to the current page.


File >Import                         Standard Bar                   Shortcut: Ctrl + R

Steps :

1.Select a file type.

2. Select a file.

3. Click the Open button.

Supported file formats:

Image File: BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIF, GIF , PNG.

Vector format: AI, DXF, EPS, PLT.

TXT File: ASCII text file.

Python File: PY.

Remark:  you can select the multiple files to import  at the same time.

Notes: Save DXF file at AutoCAD, before read it into, you should turn off the currently occupied document .otherwise; they will be read into the failure. save EPS at IS software, it is necessary to select a low version format, otherwise ,the file which will be read in will become redundant lines, arbitrary lines and so on .

 When you want to import a file whose format is not supported by Ucancam, please use other software such as windows paint and Photoshop to convert it to file formats compatible for Ucancam before importing the file. When you use AutoCAD,CorelDraw. Illustrator and other software, you should convert the vector graphics file to the format which is supported by Ucancam, and then operate the file.