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Loft Surface

Use loft toolpath to create a smooth, curved blend between chains of curves or cross-sections. You must choose a minimum of two chains.


1.pick the cross curves which should be  the 2d/3d curves or point.

2.set the dialog parameters。

3.click OK button,to create the toolpath。


       1.if pick the selected cross curves again, it refer to reverse the direction of the cross curve 

       2.when create the toolpath, 2d cross curve should be rotated  by  90  deg with th axis of start point and end point.


Step dist

The distance between the 2 neigbor tool movement.if the distance is smaller, the result surface will be smoother.


Linear:The toolpath between the cross curves is line

SmoothThe toolpath between the cross curves is Quadratic curve.

This option need the count of cross curves is >=3.


One way



Across:Toolpath moves  acoss the selected curve.

Along:Toolpath moves along the selected curve.