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Tool Management

        Proper tools should be chosen when machining different materials with various rigidities in order to achieve the desired result and not to break tools.


          Menu【Toolpath > ToolManagement】                                                         Toolpath  Bar:



                       Fig. 1

       Tools commonly used in Ucancam include end mill, ball nose, bull mill, conical, drill、 taperball and Thread Tap. New tools can be added and existing tools can be deleted or edited in the tool library.

End Mill

Parameters of end mill include Diameter (D) and Max Cut Depth(H).


Fig. 2 (End mill)                                      Fig. 3 (tool edit)

Ball Nose

The parameters of ball nose include Diameter (D) and Max Cut Depth(H).


      Fig. 4                                                Fig.5


Conical parameters include: diameter of handle (D1), diameter of blade (D2), height of blade (H) and Half angle(A).


     Fig. 6                                                 Fig.7

Bull Mill

Parameters of Bull Mill include: Diameter (D) and Max Cut Depth(H) and Corner radius(R). It always is used on rough mill and area clearance.


              Fig 8                                                         Fig 9


Parameters of drill include Diameter (D) and Max Cut Depth(H).


      Fig. 10                                                              Fig.11


Parameters of taperball include Diameter of handle (D), Radius of tip(R) and Half angle(A).


Fig. 12                                                              Fig.13

Thread Tool


Tool Editing

To add a tool


       1. Select Tool Type.

       2. Click Add button.

       3. Set the parameters.

       4. click OK button.

To edit a tool


      1. Select a tool in the Current Tools list.

      2. Click Edit button.

      3. Set the parameters.

      4. Click OK button.

To delete a tool


       1. Select a tool.

       2. Click Delete button.