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Finish Parallel

Finish Parallel is usually used for surface milling with ball nose. Finish Parallel is to machine the entire surface via parallel paths (parallel lines). The parallel linear milling can be machined at any angles.


MenuToolpath > Surface Finish > Finish parallel


1. Select  surface.

2. Click MenuToolpath > Surface Finish > Finish parallel.

      3. Set the parameters, click OK button.


Total depth of Machining: the actual total depth of machining required ;

Max depth of Surface: the max depth of surface is to machine.

Clearance: you can set surface remain which is the shortest distance between the original surface and surface after carving.

Rate: is the ratio of the width of the tool bottom blade to the width of the last tool path.

Angle of Line cut: is the angle formed by horizontal direction and the tool when it moving on material.

                Angle 0                                      Angle 30

On way mill: Machining in one direction.