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Flute Machining

              Middle wider                                           Start wilder

              End wilder


Menu【Toolpath > Flute Machining


       1. Draw some anomalistic curves and lines.

       2. Select all the lines and curves.

       3. Menu【Toolpath > Flute Machining

       4. Set the parameters, click OK button.


     1)Height: the max machining depth.

     2)Accuracy: the accuracy of the texture. The accuracy is better when the setting is lower, and the time needed for calculating is longer.

     3)Middle wider: the texture start to become narrow on the two ends, the middle part is the widest.

     4)Start wilder: the texture is wildest at the beginning, and then goes lower.

     5)End wilder: the texture is wildest at the end, just the opposite of Start wilder.