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Finish Emit

Finish emit is used for machinning circularly symmetric shape of the object,.


MenuToolpath > Surface Finish > Finish Emit


1. Select  surface.

2. ClickMenuToolpath > Surface Finish > Finish Emit.

      3. Set the parameters, click OK button.

      4. Pick the center of emit,generatethe toolpath.


Total depth of Machining: the actual total depth of machining required.

Max depth of Surface: the max depth generated automatically

Start Angle: set the position of start angle.

Sweep Angle: set the value of sweep angle area.


    start angle is 0, sweep angle is 180         start angle is 90, sweep angle is 180

Step angle: the angle of two neighboring lines(the smaller, the more precise).

Clearance: you can set surface remain which is the shortest distance between the original surface and surface after carving.

Zigzag: the machining direction is from inside->outside->inside.

One Way: the machining direction, you can select “From Inside” or “From Outside”.

                   From Inside                                             From Outside