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Four Drill Position: on points, on curves, on center of object, region drilling.


                                               On curves


                                               Region  Drilling


           Menu【Toolpath >Drilling  > Simple Drilling】                                       Toolpath  Bar 




1. Select the object.

2. ClickMenu【Toolpath >Drilling  > Simple Drilling(Region Drilling)】.

3. Select the type of the drilling.

       4. Set the parameters, Click OK button.


1)Total depth: the machining depth.

2)Multilayer: When the depth of the material is bigger than the tool height or when the material is of high rigidity (such as metal), the machining is done layer by layer on the material.you can set toolup height per layer.

3)Point space: the distance between two points.

Horizontal point space: the distance between two points in the horizontal direction

Vertical point  space: the distance between two points in the vertical direction

4)Interlaced arrange: interlaced arrangement of the points

          Usually arrange                        Interlaced arrange

5)Dwell Times: The pause time when drilling at the bottom.

Remark:if the selected tool is thread tool,and there is  “THREAD_CYC“  command in the post processor,when export the drill toolpath to nc file.  ucancam  support the thread cycle.