Ucancam standard V12 is released.


   1.Rewrite Ucancam 2D display module, to realize the faster rendering speed and the more beautiful rendering effect.
    2. Add 2 single font : cadhzf.shx,  bigfont.shx。    
    3.Add the spiral strategies in the area clearance and the intelligent area machining.
    4.Add the Flute Toolpath.
    5.support to snap the feature point of text.
    6.Text reverse: for the Vertical Font ,just exchange the line.
    7. Improve the function of the Single Stroke.
    8.Add shortcut key customization.
    9.Add “Extract Loop”function.
    10.Improve the function of “Curve Z-map.
    11.Improve the function of “Symbol Library”.  
    12.support to export the image.
    13.Improve the function of “Toolpath Panel”.
    14.Fix some bugs.