Ucancam Pro V12 is released.


    1.Rewrite Ucancam 2D display modular, to realize the faster rendering and the beautiful show result.
    2. Add 2 single font : cadhzf.shx,  bigfont.shx。    
    3.Add the spiral strategies in the area clearance and the intelligent area machining.
    4.Add the Flute Toolpath.
    5.support to snap the feature point of text.
    6.Text reverse: for the Vertical Font ,just exchange the line.
    7. Improve the function of the Single Stroke.
    8.Add shortcut key customization.
    9.Add “Extract Loop”function.
    10.Improve the function of “Curve Z-map.
    11.Improve the function of “Symbol Library”.  
    12.support to export the image.
    13.Improve the function of “Toolpath Panel”.
    14.Fix some bugs.
    15.Add the mesh smooth function.
    16.Add the mesh subdivide function.
    17.Add the mesh fill holes function.
    18.Improve the function of relief sculpt , and add the texture Alpha brush.