Ucancam V11.4 are released.


What’s new in Ucancam v11.4
1. 2D curve can be transformed into 3D curve In Ucancam Standard Version.
2. Delete the toolpath transform Menu, the toolpath transform function can be realized in the selection Handle.
3. Delete the image trim and image undo menus.
4. In 3D view, support the display of images and filled graphics.
5. In 3D view, support the Anti-aliasing display of graphics and text.
6. When the toolpath is outputed, if the file directory does not exist, Ucancam supports the directory creation.
7. Use of advanced technology, reducing the memory requirements of the surface and relief.
8. Optimized the text display of the status bar.
9. Improved The shape modeling of the standard relief (bevel).