Ucancam Standard V13 is released.


1.Add the adaptive toolpath strategy .  
2.Improve the post processor : support the horizental mill,  thread tap cycledrill cycle。
3.Add the thread tap tool .
4.Improve drill toopath for drill cycle and thread tap cycle.
5.Display the safe height and plunge height when output the toolpath.
6.Add the “miter” option in  ” 3D Corner Engraving” Toolpath Dialog.
7. extend the ucc file name length  to 1024 byter
8. add the “multilayer” option mill on  “Midlline ” toolpath Dialog
9. Disply  the tool point corordinate in the toolpath simulate dialog.
10.Add the Chamfer toolpath strategy .
11.improve the wireframe tollpath dialog for  loft toolpath.
12. Add the start point setting option int profile maching .

13.Add the transform : Oreint 2 lines.

14.Add the transform : scale 2 points.

15. add the geometry constraint and dimension constraint  on Bezier node.
16.upgrade ucancam help system.