Nov. 17, 2016: Ucancam has released the newest V10.6


What’s new in Ucancam v10.6
New feature:
    1.Wireframe Machining: Loft surface toolpath、Revolve surface toolpath、Sweep surface toolpath.     
    2.Mirror the selected object when Mouse double click the handle point of the selected object.
    3.Rectanghular Duplication command: add the offset radio option.
    4.File Import command:  support multiple file.
    5.Line fit support 3d spline curve.
    1.improve the display speed of the filled text.
    2.improve the speed of load and save the big size file.
    3.Fix the bug of calculating the distance in Toolpath Merge.
    4.Enhancement the post processor.
    5.Support to create the multiple user library.
    6.Support the line text alignment.
    7.Fix the bugs in importing the dxf , iges file.