¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi there, I have installed your update but after installation i get an error message 
"failed to create blank document" Regards¡¡Pieter VisserTotal Signs2011-7-19 0:25:56
¡¡¡¡hello, the new version of Ucancam V9 Engraving software, only for Ucanacm V9 dongle users, not for no dongle and Ucanacm V8 users.(2011-7-19)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI buy the software "UCANSIGN V9" and its damaged. Could you send me a copy? I have the  doungle key 
¡¡carlos raldeBOLIVIA2011-7-12 21:32:47
¡¡¡¡hello, I have sent the install files to your Email, pls check it.(2011-7-13)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI have the program "UCANSIGN V9" but I could not install. I insert the CD, and get a  
message "can not open file" Please, how could I fix this?¡¡carlos BOLIVIA2011-7-12 5:46:03
¡¡¡¡hello, if your CD has some problem, you can download the install files from our web, address:http://www.ucancam.com/download.asp(2011-7-12)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHello! My disk with V8 version is failed.How to download a V8 version?  
My dongle s/n BM-805-0038¡¡Victor KlimovMoscow, Russia2011-7-9 5:30:57
¡¡¡¡hello, pls download it from http://www.ucancam.com/V8.22-M-Eng.rar(2011-7-11)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi I have a problem I don't know is the program or the machine, the controller of the machine 
is asking me for a file "*.zup" I looked in your web and I cant find it. Can you tell me if is the  
program or the machine I use ucannest v9.0¡¡Pablo RochaMexico2011-6-22 11:43:44
¡¡¡¡hello, what is the controller of the machine? when does it appeared? run the controller, or import the code file? if it is not appear in ucannest, pls contact your machine supplier.(2011-6-22)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi!Upgraded recently to Ucancam 9.3 on XP Professional. Got the same message on startup 
Dongle not found. I have ver2.2 dongle #M-7-0911. Your advise is appreciated. Thanks¡¡AKAndriy2011-6-13 23:27:18
¡¡¡¡Hello, You can download the new version from our website(Downloads) and upgrade, only for Ucanacm V9 dongle users, not for no dongle and Ucanacm V8 users. your ucancam is Version 8.(2011-6-14)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºDear Sir, While Installing the ucancamV8 in windows xp IO error is displaying why,  
I have tried many times but result is same.¡¡Srinivas ReddyIndia2011-6-7 15:11:24
¡¡¡¡hello, can you give me a Screenshots about this situation, pls send to my email tech@ucancam.com(2011-6-8)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI, We have bought CNC machine 5 years ago,We got it with the ucancam 8, we work with it and  
very pleased. Today I'v tried to get into it but it send me a message that says it can't find the  
WTPlugMain.dll may be reload the program can help, I tried it but it's keep sending me the message 
please help me¡¡GalitIsrael2011-5-23 19:49:42
¡¡¡¡hello,if u use Antivirus Software, such as Kaspersky or AVG, pls set the ucancam as confident files.(2011-5-24)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºCan you send me latest Pro version with Trochoidal Toolpaths please. Thank you¡¡HaikHaik2011-5-15 15:01:29
¡¡¡¡hello, I have sent the latest Pro version to your email, pls check.(2011-5-16)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºwhen i try to install v9 its always says the application failed to initialized properly(0x0150002)¡¡jeffphilippines2011-5-4 14:56:10
¡¡¡¡hello, I have sent a file to your email,pls download and install it.(2011-5-4)

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