¡¡¡¡Message£ºnew version ucancam V9.6, not import file eps format ( export coreldraw eps ).pls. help¡¡fatihturkey2012-3-28 18:06:01
¡¡¡¡Hello, We will check and correct it, tks.(2012-3-29)

¡¡¡¡Hello, pls tell me your dongle serial number, I will send you by email.(2012-3-29)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi, i have a Ucancam V9, trying to do NC files for a plasma cutting machine. 
Our CNC (START by Microstep) doesn't accept negative values of R,  
and i don¡ät know how to modify the post processor in order to calcule the Radius of  
circles and arcs always in the positive side. Would you help me? thanks in advance!¡¡HernanArgentina2012-3-24 6:26:32
¡¡¡¡Hello, Can you tell me which manufacturer the machine you are using£¿you can selcet artisman2 when you save the toolpath, that values is not R, pls try. but we have ucannest software that is professional for plasma cutting machine.(2012-3-26)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI'm using Ucancam v8.0 program. I want to make 3D drawings,  
(eg www.ucancam.com / list.asp patterns such as the signs)  
I want to make it part of the CNC router. Would you help me. Thank you.¡¡Uludaz46T¨¹rkiye2012-3-22 17:49:11
¡¡¡¡Hello, you can use the Embossing Machining function in ucancam to do the signs.(2012-3-23)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºi have a cnc waterjet.  
i need a post£¬example: G0 Z10 G0 X100 Y100 G1 Z0  G1 X15 Y150 G0 Z10.. 
i need  G0 Z10 G0 X100 Y100 G1 Z0 M20  M21 G1 X15 Y150 M22 M23 G0 Z10¡¡GökhanTR2012-3-22 1:39:20
¡¡¡¡Hello, do you have the ucancam software now? if you have, pls tell me your dongle SN, you need the post as G0 Z10 G0 X100 Y100 G1 Z0 M20 M21 G1 X15 Y150 M22 M23 G0 Z10?(2012-3-22)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºMy DSP doesn't want to start.It needs a password for hardware:0463.Can you help me?¡¡Svetlana KimUzbekistan2012-3-19 11:12:05
¡¡¡¡Hello, This should be your hardware registration information, please contact the engraving machine manufacturers!(2012-3-19)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºIs it possible to have an upgrade from ver9 to ver9 pro at a reduced price? Thank You¡¡jimJim2012-3-17 0:53:28
¡¡¡¡Hello, Our sales will contact you by email, please check your mailbox.(2012-3-19)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI need to know if they have these software for mac (os lion) 
¡¡PabloSpain2012-3-15 16:37:56
¡¡¡¡Hello, at present, the ucancam series software is only used for windows system, they can't be usd for mac system.(2012-3-16)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHiI have the uncamcam V9 and can¡ät edit the path and your link  
11.Toolpath edit on your Training zone don¡ät work can you help me???¡¡Hector Rodriguezmexico2012-3-15 8:03:48
¡¡¡¡Hello, what do you want to edit? pls give me specific information to my email:tech@ucancam.com.(2012-3-16)

¡¡¡¡Message£º§Ü§Ñ§Ü §Þ§à§Ø§ß§à USB §Ü§Ý§ð§é §á§â§Ú§à§Ò§â§Ö§ã§ä§Ú §Ú §ã§Ü§à§Ý§î§Ü§à §à§ß §ã§ä§à§Ú§ä? 
¡¡§£§Ú§ä§Ñ§Ý§Ú§Ü§²§à§ã§ã§Ú§ñ, §¬§â§Ñ§ã§ß§à§Õ§Ñ§â2012-3-9 18:18:54
¡¡¡¡Hello, can you speak in English? Our sales will contact you by email. But your email address is wrong, please give me a correct email address. TKS.(2012-3-12)

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