¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi. I want update my ucancam v8 to v9, please tell me how can I do this.  
Please send me a new version and say, fit is the key to the new version of programm.  
waiting for a reply by e-mail¡¡MaximRussia2011-1-13 16:14:11
¡¡¡¡Helle, I have reply to your E-mail,Please check. (2011-1-14)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHello,In V9 is it possible to move the Tool Library from one computer to another? Thanks!¡¡HaikHaik2011-1-1 16:42:07
¡¡¡¡Hello, pls copy the ToolLib_en.db file in the directory which UCanCam exist to the same folder in another computer. (2011-1-4)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºWe just bought a CnC router at my place of work. It came from China with the Ucancam 
software V8.  We've been trying to do some research, but haven't come across anything  
conclusive.  We are trying to figure out if it is compatible with solidworks,  
seems that it is with the .dxf file format,  and if there is any versions of Solidworks  
that is incompatible with Ucancam.¡¡David CoblerAADCO2010-12-29 22:13:24
¡¡¡¡Hello, We have Ucancam V9 Professional(surface) software, that can import the Iges,Stl,Obj files, and do Surface Machining, pls view the web about the Ucancam V9 Professional(surface) software. (2010-12-30)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºis there anyway i can get a new version 8 dog key ? as i have lots of files to convert  
for version 9¡¡GedGed Sapsford2010-12-13 20:55:37
¡¡¡¡hello, I can find a dongle of version 8, but you'd better send me a file, I will try, if it's OK, then you buy a V8 dongle.(2010-12-14)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI have troubles with Artspool when I try to engrave big files from ucancam.It stucks.  
Can you please recommend me some other program?¡¡IvanSerbia2010-12-12 18:33:51
¡¡¡¡Hello, pls tell me which version of ucancam do you use? and which kind of processing, can you send the file to me and explain the details. my email is tech@ucancam.com. (2010-12-13)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºhi, i cant convert my v8 files to dxf or eps for use on v9 as i dont have my dog key  
anymore what can i do ?¡¡GedGed Sapsford2010-12-10 0:10:13
¡¡¡¡hello, except that, there is no other way to import the files, If the files is not too much, could you send it to me, I'll transfer it, then send to you. (2010-12-10)

¡¡¡¡Hello, we have english and chinese version now, don't have French language version£¬How many sets do you need? (2010-12-7)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi,I have previously had version 8 and have just upgraded to version 9, but version 9 wont  
let me open the old files is there a conversion program ?¡¡Ged Ged Sapsford2010-12-3 19:17:54
¡¡¡¡Hello! the software program was changed£¬so the V9 version can not open the V8 files, you can save as dxf or eps format from V8 version, then import the files into the v9 version.(2010-12-6)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHello,I see V9.2 Pro Surface is now available. I have V9.1-100915 Pro Surface...  
Can you please provide me with the latest version? Thank you!¡¡HaikHaik2010-12-4 17:20:27
¡¡¡¡hello,I have sent the latest version to your Email, pls check.(2010-12-6)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI lost my usb dog key driver for ucancam v8 ... how can I get it?¡¡Nader J KhouryPalestine2010-11-30 4:39:15
¡¡¡¡hello,pls Open the directory which UCanCam exist in. and open the sub fold Drv, run the file dogkeyinstall.exe, that is usb dog key driver.(2010-11-30)

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