¡¡¡¡Message£ºHello,When Ucancam makes G-code, it inserts feedrates(F code) for example F6000. 
This is too fast for my machine.How can I change this?Thanks in advance!Hans Braan¡¡J.BraanNetherlands2010-3-24 2:51:21
¡¡¡¡hello, pls set the Fast speed in toollibrary. (2010-3-24)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHello, I'm just buy a CNC Engraver which Include UCanCam V8+ Dongle and NCStudio 
Software+PCI Card. After I Draw the design in UcanCam, how to put my design to the 
NCStudio to draw on a wood? Thanks & Best RegardsTombing 
¡¡TombingIndonesia2010-3-15 17:52:37
¡¡¡¡hello, first draw the design in UcanCam, then Select machining path function in toolpath menu£¬and create toolpath, then save it as G-code£¬use the NCStudio output the G-code to your machine.(2010-3-16)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºCan you please tell me how to create a now library in Uncancam V8? Or do you have for 
sale new libraries to add to the program? thanks for your help.¡¡Geoffrey MizziMalta2010-3-13 19:45:15
¡¡¡¡hello, you can import graphics or draw graphics, enter symbol library and select my library, select the graphic that you want to save, then click the "Save" button, a new graphic will be saved in my library , and that can be directly invoked later.(2010-3-15)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi, I tried to import text inside a rectangle from DXF. In Ucancam the text has changed the 
size to very big and the alignment become Left.Is there a way to import many text from a file  
to be place into many rectangle in Ucancam without ungrouping. Thanks¡¡chuantc2010-3-4 23:21:58
¡¡¡¡Ucancam don't suport import many text from a file, you should change text form to curve before save DXF or EPS file.you can input text inside a rectangle in ucancam Directly, pls consult manual 7.10 text in a closed shap.(2010-3-5)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHello, could You provide information about the compatibility of Ucancan V8 software with 
Multicam cnc router?Thanks!¡¡GaborHungary2010-3-4 3:29:19
¡¡¡¡Hello! I have sent a toolpath file to your E-mail, pls test! (2010-3-4)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºhello,i install the ucancam V8 But:when i open a file from open dialog program is shutdown  
and close.why? !!!! dongle Ver:WM-9040241¡¡KasraIran2010-3-3 22:17:54
¡¡¡¡Hello!pls tell me that is individual file or all files? This file is generated by the current software? If other versions of the generated files may cause this situation!(2010-3-4)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHello.If i import AI file exported from corel draw the dimensions of object are not equal  
to dimensions in corel draw. I tried to export from different versions of CDR but the results are 
the same. If I import AI file to the laser Cut program the dimensions are OK. How can I solve this 
problem? Is it possible to obtain correct version of Ucan cam or any patch to program. I am strongly 
interest in usig exactly AI format ,when I import files to cut or engrave. ¡¡GrzegorzPoland2010-2-28 5:05:31
¡¡¡¡hello,if the AI file exported from coreldraw the dimensions of object are not equal to dimensions in ucancam, you can export eps file form coreldraw.(2010-3-1)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºPlease can you tell me how to do it on the program? Thanks.¡¡Geoffrey Malta2010-2-25 2:25:08
¡¡¡¡hello, I need to know the 3D files that you designed, after import the ucancam£¬what is the state.(2010-2-25)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºGood afternoon, I installed Ucancam 8 dongle no. wm-9010030 and when sending the file  
to the router, changed the output size (ej. 400 x 400 mm Shipping and cuts 500 x 500 mm),  
the other problem with is that I have imported a 3D file sphere and when toolpaht not run 
short of the field as 3D thank.¡¡Wilmer MorenoBolivia2010-2-24 23:45:19
¡¡¡¡hello, the unit set up in ucnacam is same with your machine? and What's contents did you design? can you send your file to my email(tech@ucancam.com)? Waveboard version does not support 3D files, if you want do make 3D model, need to use Ucancam 3D Professional(surface) software.(2010-2-25)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI am using Ucancam Pro V8. When I import a 3D text file to the machine , the machine is 
carving the letters in air than in wood.  do I have to set any parameters in the software  
or I have to set parameters in the machine?¡¡GeoffreyMalta2010-2-23 21:05:32
¡¡¡¡hello, Generate processing path in the v8, view the path attribute, remember that the maximum value of Z, save the path, in the origin point Z values should be consistent with the maximum value of Z.(2010-2-24)

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