¡¡¡¡Message£ºI am using program ucancam 9 I can't set the bar so that the bar is with cutting depths. 
Please if you can.¡¡SeregaSAV2012-2-19 1:16:46
¡¡¡¡Hello, What is the meaning of "the bar"? Where Is the function?(2012-2-20)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºMy v9, 5ucancam have it no dongle SN: 10060089vz, Software is installed but not running.  
Please.Thank you¡¡saeed iran2012-2-18 23:49:56
¡¡¡¡Hello, I have sent the solution method to your Email, pls check. (2012-2-20)

¡¡¡¡Hello, pls tell me your dongle serial number, I will send the install files to your email. (2012-2-6)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI am in South Korea is IAM. Is there a Korean version of the program?¡¡Kim T.H2012-2-2 10:33:28
¡¡¡¡uptill now there is not Korean version for ucancam.(2012-2-3)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi, I have upgraded to windows 7 and have downloaded and installed ucancam v9  
but i am getting dongle not found , my dongle serial is WM-9121095 please help, Thanks¡¡RyanRyan2012-1-28 19:44:38
¡¡¡¡Hello, your ucancam is version 8, can't run in windows 7, and your dongle can't support the ucancam V9. so if you want to run the Ucancam in win7, you need purchase or upgrade to the new version(Ucancam V9), pls contact with sales@ucancam.com.(2012-1-30)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHi, I installed Ucancam V9.3 in Win 7, The software run perfectly but for some time 
when i click on software ,nothing happens yet the software appears in Task Manager. 
I must desintall et install driver and restart pc.what happen. Thank¡¡Pierre Canada2012-1-22 14:02:21
¡¡¡¡Hello, pls download the new version from website(http://www.ucancam.com/V9.5-WM-Eng.rar), uninstall the old version, then install the new version and try.(2012-1-30)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºi have ucancam v8 engraving software i have trouble for run in Windows 7 it's say dongle  
not found my dongle serial SN:M-10030202, Do you have a dongle driver compatible with win 7?¡¡Rudy AminIndonesia2012-1-26 8:21:05
¡¡¡¡Hello, Ucancam V8 can't run in the windows 7, pls run it in the windows 2000 or windows xp.if you want to run the Ucancam in win7, you need purchase or upgrade to the new version(Ucancam V9), pls contact with sales@ucancam.com.(2012-1-30)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºI give size of the square height: 36mm and width: 22mm  cutting inside, clockwise  
but when it cutting on the CNC machine it is the size height : 45mm and width: 27mm why?  
please reply quickly thank you.¡¡shivakumarindia2012-1-20 13:08:21
¡¡¡¡Hello, pls check the tool size you select in ucancam is the same as you are using? (2012-1-30)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHello, I am a new user of the UcancamV9 Engraving Software.I love what I see and read,  
and am VERY anxious to start using it with my New Machine Purchased from jinan.I downloaded the  
latest Version from your Website, thank you. I am trying to "Import" an .Ai .EPS & .DXF file and  
none of those File-Types come-up as an option. Only Image File-types such as .BMP, .JPEG,.TIFF,  
Etc. Please help? I need to Import my 1st letter-job so I can create the G-Code Tool Paths,Etc.¡¡VinceVince2012-1-19 14:34:27
¡¡¡¡Hello, Ucancam V9 can import the AI, EPS, and DXF file, Pls tell me the file created by which software, and send me a sample file to tech@ucancam.com.(2012-1-30)

¡¡¡¡Message£ºHallo, I am supporter and seller for CNC routers, I need help, every objects dimensions,  
which I set in Unancam, milling tool too, is 2x bigger after we make some works,  
can you help me please ? BTW, Unancam is perfect soft for CNC aplication...But we have more  
problems, because isn¡¯t in Czech or Slovak language located :(Thank you so much)¡¡JurajSlovakia2012-1-17 19:28:13
¡¡¡¡Hello, I think you set the unit in ucancam is the difference with your CNC control system. Pls click "view"-->system settings->general in ucancam, set the same unit with your CNC control system. now we don't have the ucancam in Czech or Slovak language, I would like to know how many do you need in 1 year?(2012-1-18)

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