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        Straight Wave                    Curvilinear Wave


MenuWave Board > Wave


Click MenuWave Board > Wave.

2 Set the parameters, click OK button.



Board height: the height of the board to be processed

Board width: the width of the board to be processed

Overlap: the proportion of the overlapped Toolpath  to the last

Path space: the space between each Toolpath Min depth: the min depth the tool goes into the board

Wave angle: the angle of the machining path of the curve

Fold height: the height of the wave fold

Accuracy: the accuracy of the texture. The accuracy is better when the setting is lower, and the time needed for calculating is longer.

Notes: Overlap and the path space are the same. So you need to just set one of them when creating the Toolpath

Baseline setting

Height: the height of the z axis curve that is the depth of the tool going into the material.

Height = min depth + wave height

Width: the width of z axis curve


Sample line setting

Height: the height of X axis curve.

         Width: the width of Y axis curve.