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Symbol Library

Numerous kinds of symbols are provided in Ucancam, including trade marks, auto brands, animals and plants, furniture, human figures, etc.

Command: MenuDraw > Symbol library】              Curve Bar Shortcut: Ctrl +M

Contents in Symbol Library

1.Ucancam 98 library.

2.Ucancam Utility library.

3.Ucancam International library.

4.My library.

Select a Symbol


1. select a symbol.

2. Click the Add button in the dialog bar, or drag the symbol to   view window.

My Library

To add a symbol into My Library


       1. Click My Library.

       2. Select an object.

       3. Click Save button.

To delete a symbol from My Library


1.Select a symbol.

2. Click Delete button.


1)Save and Delete Button,are just enabled in My Library.

2)if modify the name of My library,you can click the menu

“help->Open App Data Fold”,then modify the name of library  file。

3)if create the multiple “my library” , you can click the menu

“help->Open App Data Fold”,then copy and modify the library  file. when restart ucancam , you should see the multiple fold in My Library