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Surface Rough Parallel


MenuToolpath > Surface Rough > Rough parallel


1 Select  surface.

2 MenuToolpath > Surface Rough > Rough parallel

     3 Set the parameters, click OK button.


Total depth of Machining: the actual total depth of machining required ;

Max depth of Surface: the max depth of surface is to machine.

Layer depth: depth of each layer.

Clearance: you can set surface remain which is the shortest distance between the original surface and surface after carving.

Rate:is the ratio of the width of the tool bottom blade to the width of the last tool path.

Angle of Line out: is the angle formed by horizontal direction and the tool when it moving on material.

Angle 0                                          Angle 30

On way mill: Machining in one direction.

You also can machine the region in boundary curve.

E.g. select sphere and rectangle and clickToolpath > Surface Rough > Rough parallel,after setting parameters, press OK, the toolpath is shown. The region in rectangle is machined.