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Interactive Nesting

           After setting the parameters of kerf width, cutting margin compensation and Iteration count; You can automatic nest the parts, and then you can reselect this parts, and manually nest objects.


MenuTransform > Interactive Nesting


       1 Click MenuTransform > Interactive Nesting.

       2 Set the Parameters: Kerf Width, Clearance, Precision.

       3 Select the Stock shape, click Confirm button of Stock.

       4 Select the parts, click Confirm button of Part.

       5 Set the Parameters of the part. Click OK button, auto
nesting the parts.

       6 According the nesting results, manually adjust the parts.

       7 Press the “Esc” key, exit the operation


Step Setting: Control the Moving Step: and Rotating Step.

Kerf Width: The tool diameter

Clearance: Set remain which is the shortest distance between the original part and part after machining.

Precision: The precision of interactive nesting. The high precision you set, the better effort you will get .but you will spend more time to calculate it.


X Mirror/Y Mirror: object can be mirrored along x axis or y axis.

Clear: clear selected part. But the outline of part is still left. Select the outline of part and click confirm button, the cleared part can restore.

Rotate 90 deg: rotate part 90 deg, rotation direction is anticlockwise

Keep Top(Tab + ↑): move part to the top of the shape of stock rapidly

Keep Bottom(Tab + ↓): move part to the bottom of the shape of stock rapidly

Keep Left(Tab + ←): move part to the left of the shape of stock rapidly

Keep right(Tab +  →): move part to the right of the shape of stock rapidly


        Checking “√” before Show remnant boundary, creates theremnant plate and cutting line.

REMARK: When two objects are too near to each other for machining, you will hear a warning from your computer.