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Finish Contour

Finish Contour machining can promote the machining speed in the same horizontal plane with Z-axis invariable. Besides, partial contour can also be carried out via limiting the machining range and depth. Tool-path is fitted into arc which reduces the G-codes and improves machining efficiency. This is mainly used for high-speed milling machines.


MenuToolpath > Surface Finish > Finish contour


1 Select  surface.

2 Click MenuToolpath > Surface Finish > Finish contour

     3 Set the parameters, click OK button.


Total depth of Machining: the actual total depth of machining required

Max depth of Surface: the max depth generated automatically;

Stepdown: distance between contours (the smaller, the more

Clearance: you can set surface remain which is the shortest distance between the original surface and surface after carving.

Direction for closed contour: Climb is clockwise, Conventional is anti-clockwise.

Order: you may choose Top to Btm or Btm to Top.

            Top to Btm                               Btm to Top

Contour path’s three transition ways between layers: 

        1.High-speed machining: arc transition ensures the whole machining at high speed without slowing down and this greatly supports high-speed milling.

         2.Ramp transition: ramp transition increases machining speed of general milling.

       3. Line transition: line transition prevents over-cutting.