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Design Central

Command :

MenuFile >Design Central】         Editing Mode Bar   

 Design Central is very important in the Ucancam,.Most of the software operations are required to complete inDesign

Central  Such as:

 Page size: Any object is not selected, to be set.

Element property: When selecting a single object, select theMenuEdit > Propertiescommand

Select by type: Select theMenuEdit >Select By Typecommand.


Graphic size: Select any object, you can modify the size and location of the object.

 Drawing: Select the drawing commands, you can choose the type of drawing and setup the

 Graphics Editing: Select edit or transform command, such as: offset,expand, envelope distortion, etc.

 Text Editing: Select the Menu 【Text > Text Edit】command, you can modify the font, spacing, etc.

 Symbol library: Select the Menu【Draw >Symbol library】command, you can read, save the graph.

  Node Editing: Selected node, you can modify the node coordinates.

 Path Operation: Such as the toolpath editing, toolpath simulation, toolpath Panel, etc.