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Auto Nesting

Several objects with various shapes and sizes can be arranged in a selected shape to save material.


MenuTransform > Auto Nesting         Transform Bar



1. Select all the objects.

2. Click MenuTransform > Auto Nesting.

3. The cursor changes into  .

4. Pick the shape of stock.

5. Set the Parameters.

6. Click OK button.



Precision: the precision of auto nesting.

Kerf Width: the width of kerf which equal to tool diameter

Clearance: you can set remain which is the shortest distance between the original part and part after machining. (Do not set the value too small; otherwise the material can not be machined

Step Angle: After setting step angle, objects will be  automatically rotated according to the angle

Iteration count: the more iteration count you set, the better effort you will get .otherwise increase iteration count, and you will spent more time to calculate it.

Mirror: some objects can be automatically mirrored to save the material during auto nesting.

In hole nest: some objects can be automatically nest in hole

Keep old: keep old object after nesting

Create the remnant: creates the remnant plate and cutting line.


1.Text string  can upgroup to char for nesting

2.the software can automatically avoid the parts in the stock. for

Before nesting: there are 4 rectangles in the stock.

After Nesting: